PLDT successfully tests 50GPON technology, a first in PH

PLDT successfully tests 50G Passive Optical Networks (50GPON), the latest and fastest in fiber-optic technology, in a first for the Philippines.

50GPON is a new technology that allows for 50 Gigabits per second (Gbps) speeds for every equipment port, which is several times faster than the current technologies GPON (2.5Gbps) and XGS PON (10Gbps) that PLDT uses for its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service nationwide.

PLDT was also the first in the country to test XGS PON in 2021. XGS PON is a technology that enables 10Gbps speeds for every equipment port, which is four times faster than GPON, the most widely used technology by fiber providers in the Philippines.

“After successfully testing XGS PON in 2021, PLDT is taking it further by testing the latest and fastest technology in Passive Optical Networks called 50GPON, which will allow five times faster speeds than XGSPON and 20 times faster speeds than GPON, which is the most widely used technology by fiber providers in the Philippines,” said Arvin L. Siena, VP and Head of Network Strategy and Transformation office at PLDT and Smart.

Siena added that 50GPON will enable PLDT to provide more bandwidth and capacity to its customers, especially as the demand for high-speed internet continues to grow amid the pandemic.

“This latest milestone is a testament to the Group’s commitment to always be ahead in harnessing the best technologies and innovations to deliver enhanced services and elevated customer experience to the Filipino public,” said Eric Santiago, Head of Network at PLDT and Smart.

Santiago also said that while PLDT has been offering boosted speeds to its customers even before the pandemic, this new technology further ensures that PLDT can provide the best and fastest service to homes nationwide.

PLDT has been investing heavily in expanding and upgrading its fiber network, which is the most extensive in the country. As of end-September 2023, the PLDT Group further expanded its total fiber footprint to over 1.1 million cable kilometers, consisting of over 0.2 million cable kilometers of international fiber and about 0.9 million cable kilometers of domestic fiber.

PLDT’s fiber network covers more than 17.3 million homes in 69% of the country’s municipalities/towns, while PLDT’s total number of fiber ports rose to 6.15 million covering over 18,000 barangays nationwide.

PLDT is also a founding member of the Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC) under the Digital Infrastructure Pillar, which aims to collaborate with the public sector to connect more Filipinos nationwide.

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