Microsoft to introduce the Copilot key to Windows keyboards

Microsoft is all set to introduce a new Copilot key for Windows keyboards, which will give users quick access to its AI-powered assistant, Copilot in Windows. The new key will be available on many new Windows 11 PCs from various partners, including upcoming Surface devices.

The Copilot key is the first significant change to the Windows keyboard layout in nearly three decades, since the introduction of the Windows key in 1994. The new key will launch the Copilot in Windows experience, which helps users get answers and inspirations from across the web, supports creativity and collaboration, and helps users focus on the task at hand.

Copilot key

“The Copilot key joins the Windows key as a core part of the PC keyboard and when pressed, the new key will invoke the Copilot in Windows experience to make it seamless to engage Copilot in your day-to-day,” said Yusuf Mehdi, Executive Vice President, Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft.

Copilot in Windows is part of Microsoft’s vision to make 2024 the “year of the AI PC”, where AI will be seamlessly woven into Windows from the system, to the silicon, to the hardware. Microsoft is working with its silicon partners AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm to enable new AI experiences on the Windows PC, leveraging the GPU, CPU, NPU, and the cloud.

“We see this as another transformative moment in our journey with Windows where Copilot will be the entry point into the world of AI on the PC,” adds Yusuf.

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The Copilot key will join the Windows key as a core part of the PC keyboard and will be required on Windows 11 keyboards over time. It is coming to new Windows 11 PCs in the “coming days leading up to and at CES,” with availability beginning later this month, including on upcoming Surface devices.


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