Google releases Gemini app for Android and iOS

Its only available to the US market, but more countries will follow soon.

When Google renamed Bard to Gemini, the search giant announced a dedicated mobile app for its AI chatbot. Google Gemini, as it’s called, makes the service more accessible to Android and iOS users.

However, Google Gemini is only available to the US market, but more countries and languages are coming soon. You can check out the app page on Google Play here.

Gemini is Google’s largest and most capable AI model. Moving to the new name reflects the platform’s expanding capabilities and its ability to tackle more diverse tasks like creative writing, code generation, and complex problem-solving.

Google also announced Gemini Advanced, the new paid tier that’s powered by the Ultra 1.0 AI model, which offers enhanced capabilities in areas like advanced mathematics, complex reasoning, and personalized content creation.

Access to Gemini Advanced costs $19.99 per month through the new Google One AI Premium plan. The free version remains available to everyone.

The service comes with a free two-month trial period, 2TB of storage, and its availability in Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more, and other Google One Premium benefits.

The subscription is also available to Philippine users for P1,100 per month, available here.

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