TNT’s ‘Utang na Load’ lets you borrow mobile data for emergencies; Here’s how to avail

TNT unveiled a new data loan feature that lets you borrow data and pay later. Utang na Load launches alongside other Sulit Saya mobile data promos.

This emergency service allows users to borrow P5 for 100MB of Facebook access or P10 for 200MB of open access data, both valid for one day. The borrowed amount is charged on the user’s next top-up.

Utang na Load is perfect for those who need to stay connected but have no load or access to loading stations. Whether you need to check your email, browse the web, watch videos, or chat with your friends, you can rely on Utang na Load to keep you online.

How to avail Utang na Loob

Availing of Utang na Load is easy and convenient. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. On the Facebook app, go to Buy Data or Use Data.
  2. Choose an Utang na Load offer, either P5 for 100MB or P10 for 200MB.
  3. Confirm your selection.

TNT subscribers can other prepaid offers on the Smart App, which is downloadable on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei Mobile Services.

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