Beware of fakes: How to identify original Infinix phones

Learn how to spot fake ones.

Counterfeit products are a growing concern, even in the smartphone industry. Infinix users, in particular, faced challenges distinguishing original devices from fakes. To combat this, the company released guidelines on how to verify the authenticity of an Infinix smartphone before making a purchase.

Box Size Matters Firstly, the packaging can be a telltale sign. Authentic Infinix phones come in a taller box, providing ample space for the device and its accessories. Counterfeits often cut corners with smaller packaging, which is one of the first red flags for buyers.

Font Consistency is Key Upon closer inspection, the original Infinix box displays smaller, more organized characters. This reflects the brand’s attention to detail and consistency. In contrast, a fake Infinix box is marred by disorganized fonts and varying print sizes, betraying its dubious origin.

Logo Presence Moreover, the Infinix logo is prominently printed on one corner of a genuine box. The absence of this logo on the packaging is a clear indicator of a counterfeit product.

Passive Voice Usage It is advised that potential buyers examine these details thoroughly, as the differences are often subtle but significant. By being vigilant, consumers can ensure they are purchasing the real Infinix experience.

Remember, when in doubt, check the box size, font organization, and logo presence. These simple steps can protect you from falling prey to fake Infinix phones and guarantee that you receive the quality you expect from the brand.

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