Philippines braces for more cyberattacks in upcoming elections

These attacks could disrupt the peaceful conduct of the polls.

The Philippines could see an increased risk of cyberattacks from foreign actors, particularly leading up to the upcoming mid-term elections in 2025 and 2028, according to a threat assessment presentation at a recent National Security Cluster Communications event.

The presentation, delivered last Thursday, warned that these attacks could disrupt the peaceful conduct of the polls. It highlighted the potential “misuse of artificial intelligence (AI)” to manipulate public opinion and sow discord during the election period.

The warning comes amidst a recent string of cyberattacks on Philippine government websites, believed to be carried out by Chinese hackers.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) successfully stopped several attempts in recent months, protecting various government email addresses, including those of the Philippine Coast Guard and even the President’s website.

Additionally, the agency prevented the hacking of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration’s web applications in January.

The Philippine government must prioritize reinforcing its cybersecurity defenses in the face of these evolving threats. Increased collaboration between government agencies and private entities is crucial to safeguard critical infrastructure and ensure the integrity of the upcoming elections.

Image: Pexels

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