Spotify removes lyrics feature from free accounts

This follows previous limitations on free accounts, which already include limited skips per hour and shuffled playback.

In a move likely to convert free users to paying subscribers, Spotify is restricting access to in-app song lyrics. This follows previous limitations on free accounts, including limited skips per hour and shuffled playback.

While Spotify hasn’t issued an official announcement, users have reported encountering messages indicating a limit on how many lyrics they can view per month. Previously, the company had experimented with hiding lyrics for free users but downplayed it as a limited test.

This recent change adds to a growing list of limitations on the free tier. Free users are already restricted in how often they can skip songs and are forced to endure shuffled playlists instead of on-demand listening.

However, it’s important to note that Spotify’s free tier remains a good value proposition for those who prioritize saving money over features and audio quality. Free users still have access to millions of songs, albeit with limitations.

In the Philippines, a Spotify Premium subscription starts at PHP 149 per month for the Individual plan, with Family and Duo plans available at higher price points. The paid tier offers more control and features like ad-free listening, unlimited skips, and in-app lyrics.

Users looking for lyrics while streaming music can consider other alternatives, such as YouTube Music, which offers an ad-supported free tier with on-demand playback and, for now, unrestricted lyrics access.

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