realme CEO Sky Li announced the comeback of flagship killer GT Series

The flagship killer will shake things up in the high-end market.

realme is shaking things up in the high-end market with the highly anticipated comeback of its GT series. After a two-year hiatus, they are poised to make an impact, fueled by strong user demand and a commitment to exceeding expectations.

realme CEO Sky Li recently graced the cover of Forbes, expressing the company’s renewed focus on the premium segment. The upcoming realme GT 6 is positioned as a game-changer, boasting top-end performance exceeding previous models. This move directly addresses the requests of realme’s global user base, showcasing their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Flagship Killer

realme GT 5G
realme GT 5G

The realme GT 5G, launched in 2021, established the GT series and earned the coveted title of “Flagship Killer 2021.” The highly anticipated GT 6 promises to surpass its predecessors, injecting fresh energy into a saturated market. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, the GT series aims to shatter performance barriers and redefine user experience.

realme: The AI Popularizer

AI will shake up the mobile phone industry and reshape the tech landscape. The rise of the AIGC era promises to propel the market forward, ushering in a new age for AI-powered smartphones.

“The competition in the industry will shift from hardware alone to a combination of hardware, software, and overall technological capability,” Sky Li said in his Forbes interview. “AI is becoming the next hotly contested spot, AI imaging, voice and interaction will be the three major trends in the future development of AI.”

realme is seizing the opportunity to become a leader in AI innovation. The realme GT Series will be among the first smartphones to fully integrate cutting-edge AI technology.

realme remains committed to its user-centric approach, offering accessible AI solutions to young consumers. Moving forward, the entire brand will be guided by the needs of this demographic, creating unique AI features tailored to their preferences and lifestyles.

realme GT 6T
realme GT 6T

The realme GT 6 will soon launch in the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and more. The phone is expected to bring serious performance and AI features on top of an affordable price tag.

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