Capture the night with Vivo V30 Series: Creative designer shares nightography tips

Learn how to capture stunning night shots with the vivo V30 Series & built-in Aura Light 3.0.

Mobile phone photography has become an essential part of modern life, especially for capturing memories after dark. Nighttime cityscapes and heartwarming evening scenes hold a special allure for photographers like Gab Mirandilla, a creative designer with a passion for nightography.

Vivo recently released the Aura Portrait Master 3.0 with the vivo V30e, the latest addition to their V30 lineup. This series, including the vivo V30 Pro (co-engineered with ZEISS) and V30, boasts powerful cameras designed to capture the beauty of the night.

Unlocking Nighttime Magic: Tips from a Pro

Mirandilla offers six simple yet effective tips for capturing captivating night shots:

  1. Keep your phone camera lens clean. A clean lens is crucial for achieving vivid photos. Regularly wipe your vivo V30 Pro, V30, or V30e’s camera lens with a microfiber cloth to remove dirt and moisture, avoiding scratches.
  2. Enable gridlines to improve composition. Enabling gridlines helps with composition, ensuring balanced shots even in low-light conditions. On the vivo V30 5G, access gridlines by opening the camera app and checking the upper right corner for the “Grid lines #” option in the third row. Turn it yellow to activate.
  3. Adjust exposure using your camera settings before taking a photo. The vivo V30 Series 5G allows adjusting exposure before taking a photo. Tap the screen and use the sun symbol to control brightness, ensuring your pictures aren’t too bright or dark. Proper exposure is vital for capturing nighttime details.
vivo V30 Series camera settings
  1. Seek out good lighting, preferably natural and diffused. Finding good lighting is essential, especially at night. If natural light is scarce, utilize the vivo V30 Series’ Aura Light 3.0 feature. Activate it by clicking the on-screen flash button and adjusting the light tone using the color palette below it.
  2. Experiment with various angles for unique shots. Experimenting with angles can elevate your night shots. Think outside the box! The vivo V30 Series offers 0.6x, 1x, 2x, and 4x zoom options, allowing you to focus on specific subjects or capture expansive scenes. Explore different perspectives to create unique and share-worthy photos.
  3. Utilize the built-in photo editor. Edit your night shots on the go with the vivo V30 Series’ built-in photo editor. Access your photos in the gallery and use the edit button to adjust framing, exposure, and brightness. Add filters, remove unwanted objects, and apply light or bokeh effects for a polished final touch. No need for additional editing apps or online tools for minor adjustments.

Capture Stunning Night Photos with the vivo V30 Series

The vivo V30 Series promises exceptional camera performance, making capturing stunning night photos effortless. The series offers three options:

Purchase the vivo V30 Series at vivo concept stores and kiosks nationwide, or through e-commerce platforms like Shopee, TikTok, and Lazada. Stay updated on the latest vivo smartphone releases by visiting their official website.

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