Take high-quality shots with the vivo V30e and its Sony IMX882 camera

The vivo V30e, boasting a powerful 50MP Sony IMX882 camera, promises to elevate your mobile photography game. Launched on May 25, 2024, it offers exceptional image quality at an attractive price point.

No more dark and blurry night shots

Say goodbye to grainy, blurry night shots. The V30e’s camera excels in low-light environments thanks to its super photosensitivity. This translates to brighter, clearer, and more vibrant nighttime photos – a 30% improvement compared to its predecessor, the vivo V29e.

vivo V30e sample photo

Color accuracy is important, and the V30e delivers. The Sony IMX882 sensor reproduces colors faithfully, ensuring photos are free from color casts and boasts vivid realism. Every detail is captured with exceptional clarity, making your images look like they were taken with a professional camera.

Perfect portraits with 2x portrait mode

Love taking portraits? The V30e’s 2x portrait mode flatters with its focal length, creating studio-quality portraits. This mode beautifully blurs the background, achieving a natural bokeh effect that makes your subject stand out.

Soft and even lighting with Aura Light 3.0

Good lighting is key, and the V30e’s Aura Light 3.0 provides a solution. This innovative feature bathes your subject in soft, even light, eliminating the harshness of traditional phone flashes. Whether in low light or needing a touch of extra glow, Aura Light 3.0 ensures your photos have a professional touch.

The vivo V30e, priced at PHP 17,999, is a dream come true for aspiring photographers and content creators. With its powerful camera system and innovative features, you can transform your creative vision into stunning photos and elevate your content to new heights.

The V30e is available for purchase in vivo physical stores nationwide or online via Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok.

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