Study: 55% of Filipino Gen Z prefer working alone

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A recent study by HMO provider PhilCare revealed a growing shift in work preferences among Filipino Gen Zs.

The “PhilCare Wellness Index: An Updated ABC of Pinoy Gen X, Y and Z” found that 55% of Filipino Gen Z employees, born between 1997 and 2012, prefer working independently over being part of a team.

Interestingly, this sentiment is shared by older generations, with 50% of Gen X (1965-1981) and Millennials (1981-1995) expressing the same preference.

The study suggests Gen Z’s desire for solo work stems from two motivations: showcasing their skills and achieving greater autonomy in their careers. According to PhilCare President and CEO Joseph Augustin “Jaeger” Tanco, Gen Z values freedom and self-direction.

While Filipino Gen Z prioritizes independent work, the survey also highlighted a difference in preferences for working in another country compared to older generations. Only 48% of Gen Z expressed interest in working abroad, compared to 54% of Gen X and Millennials.

This could be attributed to Gen Z’s familiarity with technology, according to clinical psychologist Rainier Ladic. Their digital exposure allows them to research opportunities and economic conditions outside the Philippines.

The study further shows that Gen Z is more likely to take on multiple jobs or side hustles compared to Gen X and Millennials, who prefer traditional office settings and aspire to establish businesses later in life.

Ladic explains this generational shift as a function of personality stabilization. As people age, they tend to prioritize stability and routine, making them less receptive to alternative work arrangements.

The “PhilCare Wellness Index” is an ongoing study that began in 2014, providing valuable insights into the evolving needs and preferences of Filipino workers across generations.

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