1. Keneth

    Im selling my Iphone 4s color Black,32GB version 5.1.1 LOCK . for 15k FIX PRICE , No charger, No Headset, Box only .kayo na bumile ng Gevey Sim 1.5k lang naman yun .  Malolos Jollibee  only meet ups thx . Email me @ [email protected]  RUSH lang .

  2. Jordanmanlapaz06

    the price here in the philiipines is so napaka mahal kaya kung may kamag anak kayo sa states or kaibigan mag pabili nalang kayo in fact yung halaga ng 16 gb dito sa pilipinas 64 gb na sa states

  3. As expected, SG will be our closest source of iPhone 4S and also the price here will be a little bit higher than if you buy it directly from SG which will only cost you at least PhP 32K.

  4. Shawn

    it would be great if you direct your reader where they could buy iPhone 4S in Greenhills Shopping Center as it’s not easy to roam around that place. 

    • Just go to the area where phones are being sold.  The stalls do not carry names and are reshuffled once in a while so it’s hard to say where you can get them exactly. If you are familiar with Greenhills, these stalls just source the units from almost the same dealer so you can just ask any stall owner there.   

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