1. Randy

    Hi TechnoBaboy i have a question. Do other earphones/headphones work on this device? I bought mine today and tested my other earphones and i cant hear anything… wanted to make sure by asking you… Thanks man! BTW great review!

    • thanks man. other earphones should work.  in theory, they should work but the beats software will not be activated.  so you’ll be using them as ordinary earphones.  but even with the earphones i’ve tried, the beats software was still activated, which i found weird. 

  2. HTC Desire HD user here, Im loving this phone and hoping I could replace my phone with these.

    BTW, Do you know if there are any screenshot apps that is applicable for us w/out rooting thephone?

    • hi ram. no, screenshot apps all require rooting.  if you want try the MyPhoneExplorer but you can only take screenshots on your computer. see my article here http://www.technobaboy.com/2011/05/25/how-to-do-screen-capture-on-android-without-rooting-your-phone/

  3. jonas

    i havent used my sensation for a couple of days. so when i use it i saw a huge amount of dead pixels! but before i noticed that the right side of the phone is loose. do you think htc wil lrepair this?

  4. Anonymous

    Bro what did you use to take screen captures of the htc sensation xe?
    So for you it’s Sensation XE over Galaxy S2? 🙂

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