1. Thanks for this update! I’m an avid fan of open source but I still did not try Linux Mint since I did used any OS since I tried Ubuntu. The desktop print screen is awesome. I guess I will try it for good and to spread the new to my classmate.

  2. i installed this yesterday right beside Fedora 16. MGSE is pretty cool, running on top of GNOME 3.2. update manager crashed the desktop on two occassions. i’m not sure why. i had to settle updating the system via the terminal. i also tried installing the debian based cisco packet tracer package. i had no troubles installing but the screen acted weird and started to show distorted colors whenever i open it. so i ended up uninstalling it. i thought packet tracer would run smoothly on linux mint 12 since the .bin was made to run on debian/ubuntu and linux mint is based on ubuntu. maybe the developers need more time to refine this new release.

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