Linux-Based Ubuntu Phone OS Will be Available Starting February


There are too many mobile operating systems I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d lost count.  There’s iOS, there’s Android, there’s Windows Phone OS and I’m only talking about the big mobile operating systems.  There are other smaller ones like Palm’s webOS, Tizen (which took off where Meego left), Firefox OS, and of course Symbian.  With these operating systems, you would think that there’s already more than enough.  The people behind the Ubuntu variant of the Linux desktop OS apparently don’t think so.

Until recently, I wasn’t even aware that there’s an Ubuntu Phone OS being developed.   There’s apparently one and it’s almost ready for prime time.  The Ubuntu Phone OS was only unveiled a week ago and according to its creators, it will become available for download in installable format in February.  It’s not going to be available for just any handset at launch.  It will only be ready for download on Google’s Galaxy Nexus handset which is apparently the device used to develop the OS.  The OS will not be complete by February but the basic functionalities will reportedly be ready by then.  It’s possible that features like voice actions and the Ubuntu app store will be completed by then, it’s also possible they will not.  Whatever the case, the development of an Ubuntu mobile OS is welcome news.  The more players in the field, the more fun it is for consumers.



From the pictures shown so far, it looks like the Ubuntu Phone OS is a nice looking OS with a good-looking UI.  It in fact looks prettier than the Firefox OS.  Early reports say that the Ubuntu Phone OS is impressive. A couple of snapshots are enough to convince me that this will be a good alternative to Android.  It’s compatibility with Android devices is not in doubt since the OS is being developed using Google’s Galaxy Nexus.  There’s therefore no reason why the Ubuntu Phone OS will not work on other Android handsets.

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