Screenshots of Mozilla’s Firefox OS Revealed, Looks like Android and iOS


We all know that a Firefox OS is in the works.  Mozilla’s Firefox OS is a mobile OS that set’s to offer users an alternative to the more established operating systems like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS.  Robert Nyman, a proclaimed technical evangelist for Mozilla and blogs about HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and the Open Web, revealed screenshots of the upcoming Firefox OS and from what can be seen from these screenshots, Firefox OS looks good.  It is still a work in progress and so the UI, and the OS itself may still undergo changes.  Here are the screenshots of the Firefox OS.


The Firefox OS is based on HTML5, in case you did not know. It should be fast and beautiful, although I couldn’t help but notice its resemblance with iOS and Android.  The home screen looks to be inspired by iOS and the notifications bar and settings buttons appear to be similar to Android.  Overall it looks good, and could still be improved in the coming months.

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