1. alex

    “Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project.” A company directly responsible for forcing people into becoming OFWs goes and pretends it cares. 

    I wrote up my issues with this ad.  And it’s been picked up by various progressive media and advocacy orgs:  http://pinoyweekly.org/new/?p=17082

  2. ryan_n_nsa_sg

    Watched it three times, and three times I shed tears……………….
    An OFW myself, can’t help but relate and feel their longing for their families……
    It’s just sad what others think, they treat you like a bank that they can withdraw from every time they need to. Sadder to be labelled as “Bagong Bayani” by the government when they always take you for granted. Others even say our remittances help keep the economy afloat, but why can’t they help some OFW’s who are in distress…
    Been working abroad for five years……but spent Christmas only one time during that span. How I wish I can spend it again this year, but unfortunately my work schedule won’t allow me to do so…
    God bless all OFW’s…..Mabuhay po tayong lahat!..and Merry Christmas!!!!!

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