Vice Ganda’s “Rape” Joke Involving Jessica Soho Goes Viral (Video)

TV personalities like Arnold Clavio are up in arms against “rape” jokes used by comedian Vice Ganda which made fun of Jessica Soho, currently the Vice President for News and Public Affairs of GMA.  Vice Ganda uttered the jokes during his recent concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

The joke involved Vice Ganda allegedly acting out situations on how famous personalities would act if they were boldstars.  One joke mentioned Jessica Soho, with Vice Ganda saying that the movie title of her launching movie would be “Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Sobra” and that if she would use a weighing scale, one would hear the words “One at a time, one at a time.”


The controversial rape joke had Vice Ganda tell the audience that the rape scene involving Jessica Soho would have to be a gang rape and that the scene would show the rapists shouting “Ipasok ang lechon!”.

If you want to watch the controversial segment from Vice Ganda’s show, here’s a video posted on YouTube.


People on Twitter and other social networking sites have aired their opinion on the matter.  What do you think of the segment? Is it unnecessary? Do you find it offensive?

UPDATE: Vice Ganda already issued a public apology on his noontime show Show Time.  Below is a YouTube video of his public apology.

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  1. lime olliuqnor Reply

    grabe, gloried ang mga bakla sa pilipinas, daming comment praising this faggot kahit na puro kabastusan ang mga sinasabi on air, kesyo joke lang naman blah blah blah, only in the phillippines, go pinoys, hope to see more tv programs showcasing bakla talents.

  2. Joshiko Lodanski Reply

    VG might have Huge floss…but cmon, reality is diff from a joke!!! dont over analized it! being raped?? then take good care of yourself!! we dont care of your wereabouts people! for sure d kami nagkulang sa payo sa mga babae sa pamilya namin! JS,she just got offended because CHARO is laughing really hard, and for that two weeks before reacting… what happned w/in that two weeks???

  3. Vice Ganda – tastes your joke words before you spit it out .
    Jessica, I still admire you for you always speak with eloquence and confidence. For me, your the best news anchor. Hope for what happened you will be blessed with more programs in GMA7.

    • @ vice, maybe yes. pero ganun ang comedy style nya ever since. yung mga lait at off colored jokes.
      @ jessica. i like her as a journalist but i was surprised na pinatulan nya ang joke ni vice na para bang magkalevel sila… dba? i thought she should have been a bit smarter and easily shrugged it off. i could have admired her more… baka may insecurity issues pa sya… nonetheless, happy naman na ata ang mga tao.

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