YouTube skips and mutes videos in latest tactic against ad blockers

YouTube's fight against ad blockers continues.

YouTube continues its fight against ad blockers. This time, the platform is resorting to disruptive tactics. Users with ad-blocking software are now encountering skipped videos and muted audio, according to a report from Android Authority.

This was first reported on Reddit by user SDHD4K, who posted a video that shows how his YouTube video jumped to the end upon playback with an ad blocker active. Another user experienced a different strategy – videos playing normally but with audio muted, even after adjusting volume controls.

This is not YouTube’s first attempt to discourage ad blockers. The platform has previously used other tactics like playback slowdowns and prompts to convince users to disable them.

A spokesperson from YouTube reached out to Android Authority, stating that ad blockers violate the platform’s terms of service. They recommend users either support creators by allowing ads or consider YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.

While it’s not an ideal option for everyone, YouTube Premium is worth the subscription. It offers ad-free viewing, background playback, and access to 1080P Premium enhanced bitrate video quality, and YouTube Music and Originals.

In the Philippines, an individual subscription costs PHP 159 per month, while a family plan for six users (including your own account) costs PHP 239 per month.

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