YouTube Premium subscribers can now watch videos in enhanced 1080p on desktop

The feature was first launched on iOS devices in April and is also available on living room-focused devices like Chromecasts and video game consoles.

YouTube Premium subscribers can now enjoy higher-quality videos on desktop and Android devices, thanks to the new “1080p Premium” option that was first launched on iOS in April. The enhanced bitrate version of 1080p is supposed to make videos look more crisp and clear, especially for those with lots of detail and motion.

According to YouTube, the 1080p Premium option is not available for all videos, but only for those uploaded at 1080p resolution. Videos with higher or lower resolutions, as well as Shorts and live streams, will not have the option. Premium subscribers can still choose the standard 1080p option if they prefer, which is also available for non-subscribers.

The 1080p Premium option is also rolling out on YouTube on living room-focused devices like Chromecasts and video game consoles, a YouTube spokesperson confirmed to The Verge. However, the feature is not yet available on Android devices, but it has been spotted by some users in June.

The new feature is one of the perks that YouTube offers to its Premium subscribers, who pay PHP 159 per month or PHP 239 per month for a family plan in the Philippines. Other benefits include ad-free viewing, offline downloads, background play, access to YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Originals, and more.

YouTube also previously announced that Premium subscribers can use the Meet Live Sharing feature to watch videos with friends and family members on Google Meet sessions. The platform already has a similar feature on iOS, where subscribers can use SharePlay to co-watch videos with other people, using FaceTime on iOS devices.

Another handy feature for Premium subscribers is the ability to resume watching videos across Android, iOS, and desktop devices. This allows users to pick up where they left off on any device without losing their progress. YouTube also expanded its queuing feature to phones and tablets, which lets users create a list of videos that they want to watch next.

YouTube is constantly adding new features and improvements to its platform, both for creators and viewers. The company said it has over 2 billion monthly logged-in users and over 50 million paid music and premium members as of June 2021. With the new 1080p Premium option, YouTube hopes to attract more subscribers who value high-quality video streaming.

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