1. Tom

    This has been built in as long as I can remember all you have to do on older versions of android is hit home and power at the same time you might have to hit power slightly before you hit home or vice versa but it was definitely in 2.x versions of android as I used it often. What I now hate is how they keep changing how it’s done. The epic 4g touch you had to slide the edge of your hand from left to right on the screen to do it. Pick a method and keep it. I should not have to keep looking it up every time android goes up one point version.

  2. Galaxy Nexus_Canada

    Awesome feature.. works great with my galaxy nexus. i have been using galaxy nexus for quite a while but never did i know it had this feature built in. Thank you for the well detailed article! Now i fully enjoy my phone. Keep up the good work

  3. Jesper

    On Samsung Galaxy S2 with Ice Cream Sandwich it works just fine with Power+Volume Down for 2 seconds.
    Holding down power button for 2 seconds will bring up the power menu, but there is no “print screen” option on SGS2.

    Thank you very much… VERY helpful!

  4. xeo

     It is more simple: When you press-&-hold  the on/off for short time, a menu appears on the screen, & the last option on that menu is “print screen”. Bingo.

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