1. Ignoramus

    Hi boss. I’m new to the tablet platform. I have always relied on my laptop and ma phone for all my needs. Been looking forward to this nexus 7 to be my first tablet, with ebook reading as the primary motivation.

    My concern: I read somewhere that it will only allow me to read books the i’ve purchased from Google Play store. Is it true? and to what extent?

    Will i be able to load up my ebooks from my laptop to the nexus 7 and read em?
    If so what formats will it recognize?

    Thank you.
    Replies from everyone are encouraged.

    (I’m kinda sleepy when this thought process transpired so i’m not sure if im making sense or wut. i just wanna know if a nexus 7 would be good with all the ebooks, mostly .pdfs that i have.)


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