1. newbie

    which is better it is the samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 3g + wifi or this one the Google Nexus 7? by the way can Nexus 7 can txt/call? thx where can i find this stuff. please reply thx

  2. Aubrey Jean Zuckhambridge

    @google-5a25e8498e76e533abd90533e4ccc28b:disqus Thanks for the link. Hindi pa naman ako makakabili for sure. @twitter-219183440:disqus Why? @google-a21e92413c44e3ce30eba97b008c1e76:disqus are you sure that your price is updated?

  3. Kenjie Carter

    @google-a21e92413c44e3ce30eba97b008c1e76:disqus  binigay ko yung link to distinguish which is better between Nexus and iPad. Remember both of them are newbie in the market. It’s much easier to know kung ano ang mas maganda sa dalawa in terms of Quality, Specs and Capacity. Right @google-39773c8b9c5e56cb1a7f690b56776b28:disqus 

  4. jeff parker

    @google-5a25e8498e76e533abd90533e4ccc28b:disqus your link refers to tech-related website. Iba naman ang given prices since it was released from other countries. I need now the price of iPad Mini. I don’t know if they lowered the price when this Google Nexus 7 came available.

  5. Aubrey Jean Zuckhambridge

    Finally, meron na ding panlaban ang Google sa iPad. Since when pa ito inilabas sa international market?

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