1. mitchie boo

    newKUBE mp3 small but terrible 🙂  May the odds be ever in my favor aww!
    More Power to you and technobaboy.com 🙂

  2. NyracSelarom

    joining.. hope to win for my hubby.. mahilig sa music un eh.. para nadin he can listen to his fave beatles song all day..

  3. itsmeHentai

    I’ve been reading blogs and notice that they raffle this KUBE it’s hype 🙂 and wanna win this time to try the player 🙂

  4. VonErickdelRosario

    This is so cute and amazing at the same time. 
    Rafflecop’s gotta pick me, man you gotta pick me. lol
    What a Great device!

  5. AngeloMichaelClemente

    Music is part of my life. I always listen to music everytime I travel so hope I’m the lucky one. 🙂

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