1. jomodern

    @Dan a good phone is better MP3 player. you have a fon and music player in 1, just bring with you an xtra batt or a power pack… the author is right about the Kube, it’s a steal, it STEALS your money…

  2. Dan

    How  do you pick which songs to play if you have different folders in it? Because i have a headphone with mp3 player with microSD slot and you have to skip skip to get to other songs.
    This is only useful if you play a few songs
    Dont you think a phone as mp3 player is better?  Or an MP3 player with lcd display. There are mp3 players worth 2000 i think with lcd.

  3. diana_beatima

    This newkube MP3 player is really great for outdoor activity, travelling or as everyday use.. especially for teens. Its lightness that you can easily carry it, is so cool.

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