1. jigglyzing

    Oh, and I forgot to write that the other sim slot only fits a micro similar so I cut my other sim to put it in. Again, the unit’s a dual similar, dual standby, and both slots are 3g capable.

  2. jigglyzing

    What I mean is that the SKK Mirage S1 is more on the slimmer side than the Torque Droidz Avatar TV. Sorry about my mix-up.

  3. jigglyzing

    Bought this one and I am satisfied so far. Not a techie but the SKK Mirage S1 fulfills most of what I am looking for in an affordable smartphone: big screen, slim form, Wi-Fi capability, and dual 3g capability. I preferred this to the Torque Avatar TV because the shape of the unit is more on the slim side, and I’m not a fan of the mobile TV feature. I prefer using TV apps from Google Play Store. Tested the Mirage S1 with the AnTuTu Benchmark app and returned an 11040 score on the first test and then an 11079 on the second. I guess that means it’s good. Since the screen’s an LCD the viewing angles from the top and from the bottom have the colors inverted, but the angles from the left and the right are viewable. Both the main and the front-facing cameras are rather dark and have slow shutters. I have to be in a very brightly lit area to be able to get a clear picture. I’m not complaining, though. Ain’t much of a shutterbug here. As for the gaming apps I just have Candy Crush Saga and Temple Run, both of which show flawless movement in my Mirage. Haven’t tried higher gaming apps since I’m not also much of a gamer, just an on-the-go mobile surfer. The only qualms I have are the manufacturing inconsistencies of the units. One unit I tested in an SKK kiosk had a faulty back “button” while this one I purchased from another SKK store had the vibrate function not working. I’m not much of a vibrate user so I opted to buy this one rather than struggle with the back button. Good news is that SKK offers one-week replacement warranty and one-year service warranty. So that means if I finally decide to have my vibrate-less unit fixed within a year then I can always choose to go to their warranty service center in Two E-Com Center, the building near the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. All in all, the Mirage S1 is a thumbs-up for me.

  4. slick427

    so which one should i buy between the two? torque droidz avatar or skk mobile mirage s1? majority kasi ng specs pareho pati price! paki review naman so then makapamili na ko kung alin ang bibilhin ko this christmas? thank you!

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