Google+ to Launch Features for Businesses Later This Year

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The first question that came to mind after creating a Google+ account is whether businesses are supported by the new social networking platform the same way Facebook does.  After playing around with Google+, I did not find anything that would allow the creation of accounts specifically optimized for businesses.

Google knows that users will clamor for the inclusion of a feature for businesses so it went ahead and informed the public that support for businesses will be coming soon.  In a video posted on you tube by Google+’s project manager Christian Oestlien, users are asked to hold off from using consumer profiles to create business identities, saying that  Google’s engineers are now working on creating a Google+ feature meant for “businesses, brands, and other entities”.  He says that for now, Google is focused on optimizing consumer experience on Google+.

Oestlien says that business-oriented features will be rolled out later this year.

Here is the video of Christian Oestlien if you want to know the other things he said about Google+ for businesses.


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