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How to Install the Google +1 Button on Your Website

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Google officially launched the +1 button for websites.   This is good news for website owners who want additional exposure for their content.  The implementation of Google +1 is pretty straightforward.  You need to paste two codes, one to be placed at the header.php file and the other at the line where you want the +1 button to appear.

To get the Google +1 code, go here.  To customize your button, you may select a small, medium, standard or tall button.  You can also opt for the more advanced installation which gives you the ability to specify the URL you want +1′d.

Once you get your code, you paste the tags on the header and the specific part of your website where you want the +1 button to appear.

For this website, I opted to put the Google +1 button on top, right before the content.  I copied the second tag to the single.php file.

For features of Google +1, watch this video from Google.



  1. I think Google answered my question here
    Can I place multiple buttons on a single page that all +1 different URLs?Yes, but you’ll need to edit the button code. Use the href attribute to specify the target URL. For example, if your home page has a module linking to your blog, and you want to add a +1 button to that module, edit the value of the href attribute to point to your blog’s URL, like this:

  2. Have you any idea what happens if you have multiple instances of the +1 button on the same page?
    I’m asking because we might put it in the header, that appears on every page, and also somewhere in the body of certain pages.

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