At the Google I/O event, Google revealed its next Android OS update, the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.  Apart from carrying a yummy name, the update appears to also be yummy, features-wise.   The Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be launched later this year and will unify the Android OS for all tablets, smartphones and netbooks.  Like its predecessors, the Ice Cream Sandwich will also be open source.  Google said that the new OS update will include advanced app framework, UI enhancements, and face-tracking among other improvements.

And how foes the new logo look? Google revealed the image below as the new logo for Ice Cream Sandwich.  Google Android always makes me hungry.  We had Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb.  Now it’s Ice Cream Sandwich.


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  1. Dennison Uy Reply

    Wow, I sure do hope ice cream stores like DQ come out with something like this done. Tasty looking good :)

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