Swype Now Available for iPad, iPhone an iPod Touch Via Jailbreak


Swype is probably one of the reasons Android is popular.  This keyboard app lets you type by swiping over the letters on the screen keyboard without lifting your thumb.  Cool stuff really. But sadly for iPhone users, it’s only available on Android.

Thejailbreak community is however very prolific so it’s not surprising that someone just created a Swype app for the iPhone.  It’s not as perfect as the official Swype app but the essential features are there and the name has also been adopted.  As to how long the company behind Swype will let this go on, we don’t know.

Andrew Liu, the one responsible for the Swype app for iOS, released the beta build of his project.  If you can wait a little while before trying your hands on this app, please do.  The current app has a few quirks: it needs a jailbroken device, not all Swype features are present, the keyboard only works on Apple’s pre-installed applications and a few third party apps, and it is reportedly buggy.


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