Smart’s Always On Offers Data-Based Internet Plans

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Smart’s Always On internet packages have been available for quite some time now.  Always On is the telco giant’s bucket-pricing scheme which charges usage by the volume of bandwidth consumed, not by the length of usage.

This type of product is best for those who use the internet mainly for social networking purposes.  Compared to normal website browsing, logging in to Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare uses up considerably smaller bandwidth.

For available Always On bundles, refer to the table below.

Always On 20P2025 MB1 dayON 202200
Always On 30P3050 MB1 dayON 30
Always On 300P300250 MB30 daysON 300
Always On 500P500500 MB30 daysON 500
Always On 750P7501 GB30 daysON 750
Always On 995P9952GB30 daysON 995


The best package of the lot is Always On 300 which offers 250MB data for only P300, or about P10 per day.  By Smart’s computation, 250MB worth of data already allows you to do the following:

1,500,000 tweets or
15,000 facebook posts or
15,000 emails

If you are not sure about your usage, Smart has conveniently provided a “Surf Calculator” that calculates your usage based on the number of tweets, Facebook updates or emails you do in a day.  You can find the Surf Calculator here.

To register on any of the above plans, here is the syntax:

Text ON <Price> to 2200 (e.g. Text ON 300 to 2200) 

Smart’s Always On plans are available to SMART Postpaid, Prepaid and Broadband users.

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