Facebook Gets a Major Facelift With Timeline


Facebook announced at the f8 developer conference a new profile called Timeline, something that is poised to radically change how Facebook looks.

It used to be that Facebook profile only showed basic stuff — name, photo, school.  This has since evolved into the more complicated profile page we see today.   Now you share photos, activities and whatnot.  The problem is, most of the stories on the profile page rarely get the attention from friends.  They easily get into the bottom of the profile page and the only way to access them is by clicking the Older Posts button.  This gets tiring over time.

The new Timeline profile aims to change this.  The new layout of the profile is very much different from the current profile layout.  Timeline is more visual and tries to achieve its purpose by means of photos and apps.  It utilizes a chronological timeline to highlight the most important content shared by the user on Facebook.

Timeline is meant to be highly customizable.  The user gets more control over what he wants to share as the most important activities.   If the user feels that important parts of the story aren’t included in his timeline, he can easily add them by going back to that time or by going to the private activity log where everything shared since joining Facebook are found.


Timeline is now available now for Facebook developers, but will be rolling out to users in the next few weeks.

My first thoughts? I think Timeline will be great for those who are into Facebook and has the time to fix their profile.  It needs time to fix a profile page like Timeline as you need to check your past activities to look for what stuff you consider important.  For the people who are just on Facebook to post updates and see friends’ updates, this hardly changes anything.

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