Smart Now Charges Use of Facebook Mobile App, Releases Plans


The Facebook Mobile App for Java-enabled phones or “Facebook for All” app used to be free on Smart network.  From the start, though, it was clear that the free use of the app was only for a limited time and only during the trial period.   The free use expired around first week of November after Smart extended the promo for a couple of times.  Smart Communications just released plans for those who want to continue to use the Facebook Mobile App.

Unlimited Facebook access for 1 day or 24 hours via the Facebook Mobile Appp costs P10.  Unlimited Facebook access is also available in weekly (7 days) and monthly (30 days) denominations for P50 and P200 respectively.  To activate said services, simply send “FB 50” or “FB 200” to 211.

Using the Facebook Mobile App for Java-enabled feature phones, Smart subscribers can enjoy unlimited access to Facebook without the need to sign up or enter an access code.   Smart subscribers can download the Facebook Mobile App by texting “FB” to 211.  A free automated message will then be sent to your phone with the download link.

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  1. Breaker12131988 Reply

    kahit kelan talaga kau!! magaling kau sa mga ganyan!! letche kau!! 

  2. What is really the point to this? you could get the official Facebook app on the Google Play, subscribe for a data plan which cost merely 30pesos for 30mb (i think refer to smart promo page) and you can use facebook, google map navigation, surf the internet, read news on Pulse. Come on guys even a kid knows this is a rip off.

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