5 reasons to switch to a Smart eSIM now

Here's why you should make the switch to a Smart eSIM.

Thinking about ditching the SIM card on your new phone? If your device is eSIM-compatible, then making the switch to a Smart eSIM is a no-brainer. Here’s why:

1. Keep your number

Switching to a Smart eSIM doesn’t mean giving up your old number. Whether you’re a current Smart subscriber or not, you can retain your existing number during the upgrade. This eliminates the hassle of notifying contacts and updating linked accounts across social media, e-wallets, and banking apps.

2. Effortless device swapping

Upgrading phones is easier with an eSIM. When switching to a new device, you can just delete the existing eSIM profile on your old phone and rescan the QR code containing your new eSIM profile. As long as your new device is unlocked and eSIM-capable, you’ll be back online in minutes.

Smart eSIM

3. Simple upgrade, convenient storage

Upgrading to a Smart eSIM is a straightforward process. Smart Prepaid subscribers can visit any Smart Store with their physical SIM card and a valid ID for a Php99 upgrade fee. Smart Signature and Infinity members can also upgrade at any Smart Store.

Non-Smart subscribers can switch to Smart Prepaid eSIM without changing their number. They’ll need to obtain their Unique Subscriber Code from their current provider and submit required documents like a valid ID, a current balance screenshot, and a signed application form to a Smart Store.

Once you have your Smart eSIM, the QR code with your eSIM profile is conveniently stored in your email for safekeeping and future use.

4. Unlock exclusive deals

For non-Smart subscribers, switching to a Smart eSIM opens the door to a variety of value-packed offers. These include Power All, All Data, and Magic Data plans with bigger data allocations, longer validity periods, and even no-expiry options.

Being a Smart subscriber also grants access to exclusive perks and experiences like tickets to major concerts, invitations to groundbreaking events, and exciting promos available through the Smart App.

5. Experience the best 5G

Upgrading to a Smart eSIM gives you access to Smart’s award-winning mobile network, recognized for delivering the Philippines’ Best 5G Coverage and Availability by independent network analytics firm Opensignal.

This translates to seamless uploading and sharing of photos and videos, lag-free mobile gaming with 5G’s low latency, and uninterrupted streaming of high-definition content.

For more information about Smart eSIM, visit https://smart.com.ph/Pages/esim.

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