Ever wonder if you gave permission to too many apps on Facebook or Twitter? How about on Google and Yahoo?

Nowadays, it’s very important to keep track of which apps you give permission or access to considering the way social networking sites, and the internet itself, has grown in the past few years.  By tracking your permissions on social networking sites, you’re getting a form of security for yourself and your online data, not to mention the peace of mind this will bring you.

If you’re on too many social networking sites, however, the task of cleaning up your permissions and privacy settings can be quite daunting.  There’s one site that can help with your permissions cleanup.  It’s called mypermissions.org and it offers a very quick access to the top social networking sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Instagram and Flicker.  Here’s a screenshot of mypermission.org’s very simple and very easy to use interface.

The site will lead you straight to the permissions settings of each service and all you need to do is check which apps you’ve granted permission or access to and then remove them if you wish to.

I tried using mypremissions.org and was quite surprised at the number of apps I granted access to on Facebook and Twitter alone and most of the apps I don’t even remember using or giving access to.  It’s best that you also use mypermissions.org and I suggest you do it at once.



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  1. Nauman Lodhi Reply

    thats a wonderful site. there shall be some way the app can show which apps are posting content on social media accounts without our permission ! here is another interesting view of the same web site:  http://naumanlodhi.blogspot.com/2012/01/clean-social-media-accounts.html

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