BlackBerry 10 OS Images Surface, Looks like Android, iOS and Windows Phone Combined

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BlackBerry is in a very uncomfortable situation.  The company’s handsets are no longer as popular and iOS and Android are mainly to blame.  Still, the company is trying to keep BlackBerry brand interesting, and the highly anticipated update is in the software front.  The Black Berry 10 OS, previously known as the BBX before someone else claimed rights over the trademark, is something that could revive the company, or bury it completely.   It is therefore quite normal for people to get excited every time a glimpse of the OS becomes available.

CracBerry recently uploaded photos of what it claims is the BlackBerry 10 OS.  The photos were gathered from a presentation of an ad agency to promote RIM’s image, possibly to paint a picture of the company’s future.   What’s shown in the photos are shots of a pre-release BlackBerry 10 OS, which means that this can still change when the final build comes out.  Nevertheless, it already says a lot about the upcoming OS and my first impression was, it’s a combination of a lot of operating systems.  You see traces of Android, iOS and Windows Phone on BlackBerry 10, and this is not necessarily a bad thing.  Here are the images released by CrackBerry.

From what can be seen above, BlackBerry OS is new, yet is also old.  There are still traces of the current OS but for RIM, this is new.  However, it is obvious that the OS is “inspired” from a lot of operating systems, particularly Android, iOS and Windows Phone.   The UI simply shows familiar elements.  For example, the icon tray at the bottom with the search, camera and call buttons screams Windows Phone.  The screen widgets look like they can be lifted from an Android or Windows Phone, while the folder icons show some iOS styling.

In any case, the images look like RIM is going in the right direction, at least UI wise.  It still remains to be seen how good or effective BlackBerry 10 OS will if and when it finally hits the market.

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