Uber is in Manila


Uber, an on-demand app that connects drivers and riders, is officially in Manila. Technically, Ubers have been around Makati and the Fort for a month now. And many have already talked, blogged or reported about its convenience and safety.


So, how does Uber work? First download the app and register. It will request for your details and a credit card. Once that’s done, you can see if there are available cars in your area (presumably via GPS), and at a push of a button, request for one. Once a car has been requested, you can see you can check out the full profile of the driver, and once the ride is completed, you are billed via credit card.


I have yet to try the app, but it looks promising. The cashless transportation alternative sounds more convenient than taxis and jeepneys. The fare is a bit more than usual, but if you are in a hurry or prefer the comfort, this could be an answer. I hope it picks up considering that most Filipinos are averse to using credit cards online. Anybody out there who already tried this?

The app is free and available for Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Seen in Tech 101 (a Manila Bulletin Supplement)

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  1. A bit pricy. But, hey, at least you’re comfortable and it’s convenient than, let’s say, renting a car..

  2. tried downloading in my lenovo yoga 8. it says it’s not compatible with my device.

  3. This is under fire in the US. The company has to go through a lot of bureaucracy and regulations. Hope this would not happen here.

  4. jhdtolentino Reply

    Tried it from Paragon Plaza to Masinag (Lower Antipolo City). Fare was about 150% more than what I usually paid for. Picked up by a Nissan Sentra (was hoping for the Teana, but no joy there). But it’s clean (none of that annoying air freshener smell) and I wasn’t tossed around inside (unlike some regular taxis with drivers from hell).

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