Drop Test: Google’s Nexus 7 vs. Apple’s iPad


The customary drop test for the Google Nexus 7 tablet is here.   Pitted against the Nexus 7 is the other popular tablet, Apple’s new iPad.  I can see why these two tablets are the ones being compared in the drop test.  Not only are they the two most popular tablets around, they also represent the two competing operating systems – Android and iOS.

However, the drop test is not scientific or accurate.  First, the tablets differ in size and weight, and these factors affect the damage to the devices.  A heavier object will absorb have more force on impact.  Second, the angle and height of the drops are not exactly the same, so that may have also affected the result.  Third, the materials used on these tablets are not the same, so the damage should naturally be different.   In any case, it’s still entertaining to watch the drop test for the Nexus 7 and iPad.

The iPad is the more expensive one, which gives us the idea that the materials used are top notch and the build is solid.  You’d be surprised with the result.

The test done on the Nexus 7 and iPad is not only limited to a drop test.  The tablets were also dunked in a tub of water.  Both tablets worked after getting wet, but one tablet’s speakers were no longer working while the other tablet was still fully functional.  Watch the video to see which one survived the water drop.

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  1. i guessed the winner…ipad’s good but they need to improve their gorilla glass because it’s really fragile than other tables condering the fact that it’s way expensive amongst them. just my two cents…

  2. The drop test is just amazing. The great thing is both tablets are working so well after dropped in the water and getting wet. An iPad is amazing but Nexus is absolutely fab.

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