Apple Fans Respond to Samsung Ad, Say Don’t Settle for Cheap Plastic


Samsung’s anti-Apple campaign is apparently in full blast.  It has previously used campaigns comparing its devices like the Galaxy Note to Apple’s iPhone.

Samsung just launched a bold ad in the US that takes a stab at the iPhone 5.   The ad says it doesn’t take a genius to see that the Samsung Galaxy S III is much better than the iPhone 5.  It also claims that the next best thing is already here, referring of course to the Samsung Galaxy S III.   While Samsung may have a point considering that the Galaxy S III indeed has a few advantages over the iPhone 5 when the specs are compared, the ad appears to be a bit biased since it highlights features that may not be one the iPhone 5 but it leaves out features of the iPhone 5 that are not on the Galaxy S III.   See the Samsung ad here.

Apple will probably not answer the Samsung ad with its own ad.  Apple fans however took the Samsung ad and changed it to show that the iPhone 5 is better than the Galaxy S III.  The message is clear — don’t settle for plastic.  The Samsung Galaxy S III uses glass and plastic while the iPhone 5 uses glass and aluminium, making the iPhone 5 more polished and sturdier.   Like the Samsung ad  though, Apple fans peppered the revised ad with features of the iPhone and deleted the features of the Galaxy S III.  Here is the revised ad.

Saying which phone is better is not easy.  It is ultimately based on the preferences of users and the availability of features which they feel are more compelling. Both phones have their strengths which makes it hard to pick a clear winner.  The fact that they run different operating systems just makes it harder to see which is better.

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  1. iPhone 5 for the rich and ignorant and SGS3 for the rich and Smart. lol

  2. UnknownDROID Reply

    dont settle for Cheap plastic???  or dont settle for Expensive glass screen then after you drop your Iphone  = expensive BROKEN GLASS SCREEN WTF

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