Nintendo Launches Wii Mini, Priced at $100

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If you love motion-controlled gaming but is low on budget, there’s a chance for you to own a Wii system without breaking the bank, so to speak.

Nintendo recently launched a smaller Wii console with a smaller price tag.  The new Wii system aims to put the focus on games, with the ability to play 1,400 disc-based games according to Nintendo.  The Wii Mini, as the name suggests, is smaller than the original Wii system or even the Wii U but the smaller size comes with compromises.  The Wii Mini has no internet, for one, and also does not play Nintendo GameCube games.  These are features present in the bigger Wii system.  If you get the Wii Mini, you’ll get a free Wii Remote Plus and a Nunchuck controller, all with red accents.  This matches the red Wii Mini box.  The Wii Mini is also said to work with most Wii accessories, the operative word being “most”.  If you have existing Wii accessories and you’re planning on getting the Mini, make sure which accessories are compatible.

The Wii Mini is available starting on December 7 but it will only be available in one country initially.  The Wii Mini launches in Canada on the aforementioned date with a suggested retail price of $99.99 (about Php4,200).  Nintendo has not yet announced the availability of the Wii Mini in other countries.

The price is tempting, but make sure that you know the Wii Mini is only intended to play Wiii games and nothing more. Again, there is no internet capability on this console.  The Wii Mini is still ideal for first-time Wii users who would just want to experience motion-controlled gaming.

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