Nintendo launches official website for its users in the Philippines

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Nintendo has finally launched its official website for its customers in the Philippines. The news was announced on its SE Asia Facebook account.

The gaming company had always had a strong presence in the Philippines. The Nintendo Switch, especially, was one of the most popular consoles in the country, which at one point was even sold out everywhere.

Nintendo Switch OLED

The new website offers Nintendo fans and customers news and updates about its products, information about its games, support for its customers, and more.

The local site also launched alongside other countries in Asia, such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Its introduction page reads:

Hello, this is Nintendo. We are pleased to announce the launch of the “Nintendo Official Website” for residents of the Philippines. We will provide various information about Nintendo, including Nintendo Switch console, game software, and characters from game series such as Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda.

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So far, the Nintendo eShop and memberships are not yet available to Filipino gamers. But the website could mean these services could come soon as well.

Via: GMA News

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