Ozaki 0.3mm Solid iPhone 5 Case Review

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The iPhone 5 is a beautiful device that’s meant to be shown and flaunted.  Yet, it’s also too fragile to be left naked and unprotected, so it is absolutely necessary to use a case. For iPhone 5 owners like me, it’s always a choice between a thick case, which offers more protection but leaving the phone concealed, and a thin case, which showcases the form and thin profile of the iPhone 5, yet also presents less protection and more risk of damaging the phone during drops.

Being a gadget lover, I refuse to use thick cases as I prefer to always see the device when I use it.  While looking for an iPhone 5 case, I came across an Ozaki-branded case that’s only 0.3mm thin and weighs only 3 grams.  I immediately liked the case, especially when I took it out from its packaging.  I discovered that the case is flexible, yet it’s still more solid compared to jelly cases.  The case is priced at P895, cheaper compared to other iPhone 5 cases, so I immediately bought one.  There was no other color available except for black, so I was stuck with the black one.  The package includes a screen protector and a microfiber cloth.  The screen protector is of poor quality, however, as I noticed “rainbows” on the screen whenever the display is not on.


In terms of aesthetics, the Ozaki case is nothing but pretty.  Because it’s so slim form-fitting, it complements the iPhone 5 well, giving protection in areas where protection is needed, yet still maintaining the elegant profile of the iPhone 5.  The case is so thin people barely notice it’s there.  The make is solid yet it’s also flexible enough.  Hence, it’s easy to put and remove and does not leave scratches on the iPhone.  The inside of the case has a matte finish while on the outside, especially on the back area, the case has a rough finish that adds a bit of friction and helps improve your grip.

ozaki-iphone-5-case-10 ozaki-iphone-5-case-09

The Ozaki case also offers access to all buttons and even leaves the ports and speaker grills at the bottom open.  This is good as it gives easy access to the lightning port, the 3.5mm jack, land the speaker grills.

ozaki-iphone-5-case-07 ozaki-iphone-5-case-06

However, this is what makes the Ozaki case dangerous since it leaves the bottom part of the iPhone 5 vulnerable.  Unless you accept the risk of denting or scratching the bottom part of the iPhone 5, don’t use the Ozaki case.


In terms of protection, the Ozaki case does not offer much since it’s too thin.  For light bumps, it protects the iPhone 5 well but for drops, don’t expect your iPhone 5 to be safe.  The Ozaki case is not meant [or clumsy users who are prone to dropping their phones.  It’s meant to the extra careful lot who want the most basic protection for their iPhone 5.

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  1. @technobaboyHi, where in particular did you buy this? I was looking for this couldn’t find anywhere.

  2. Nice case, but I prefer the Pong Research iPhone case. I read that the cell phones emit a dangerous non-ionizing form of electromagnetic radiation; radiation which can be absorbed by the tissues and cells which come into close contact with the phone. Then I researched ways to avoid the danger from cell phone radiation . In the end though, I found a couple of reviews of Pong Research’s cases, that convinced me to give it a try. This case is built with an antenna in between layers of the back cover, which reduces exposure to radiation while optimizing the mobile reception.

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