Smart Family Circle Plans Introduced


It’s the age of the internet, which means communicating with others is commonly done through social networking sites and through messaging and calling apps on smartphones like WhatsApp or Viber.  Not everyone has a smartphone, however, and even if everyone in your circle has a smartphone, not everyone is online all the time.  Which still means that when it comes to communicating with the people in your circle, a voice call is still the more dependable option.

For those who need to be constantly connected, Smart Communications has thought of a new offering called Family Circle Plans.  Available in Plans 800 & 1200 and Plans 1800 & 2500, Smart Family Circle Plans come with three and four sequential postpaid lines.  This feature makes it easy for users in the plan to remember phone numbers of the others.  All lines in Family Circle Plans can be used to make unlimited calls under their respective calling circles. This beats other options if you need to communicate with members in a group.  The plan’s use is not limited to a family setting.  It’s also useful in an office setting.


If you get Smart’s Family Circle Plan, you get as many free handsets as there are lines.  For instance, in Smart Family Circle Plan 800 which includes 3 unique mobile numbers, you get three free phones.  It also comes with fully-consumable allocations of P300 for the primary line and P250 for the secondary lines.  In Smart Family Circle Plan 2500 which includes 4 unique mobile numbers, you get four free phones with fully-consumable allocations of P700 for the primary line P600 for the secondary lines.  Check out Smart shops to find out which phones are free under the Family Circle Plans.

Each line in the Family Circle Plan also has a separate monthly bill and an individual credit limit so it is easy to manage every line. is one of the most active tech sites in the Philippines. We enjoy sharing interesting and relevant stories about the latest trends in technology, developments in mobile phones and social media, and modern digital and geek culture.

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