Temple Run 2 Now Available for Download on Android Devices


Temple Run 2 first became available last week on iOS devices.  If you’re using an Android device and was impatient for the game to became available on your platform, the good news is that Temple Run 2 is also now also on Android.  Temple Run 2 maker Imangi just brought the game to the Android platform and the game is available for download from the Play Store.

After playing Temple Run 2 on iOS, I can honestly say that the game is much better than the original version.  The overall gameplay has been improved and although it is admittedly harder to play, it is more exciting and more addictive.  Except for the basic “running” gameplay, almost everything about the game appears new.  The graphics has been improved, the powers and upgrades have been improved, even the characters have been improved and have been given new individual powers.  Heck, even the monkey has been changed.  There’s only one big monkey running after your character.


Try the game now.  After all, it’s free on Android and iOS.  You’ll have fun navigating cliffs, riding zip lines, and going through mines and forests.  Here’s the launch trailer for Temple Run 2.


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