Review: Muvit iGum iPhone 5 Case


After using the Ozaki slim case, I wanted an iPhone 5 case that would offer more protection without adding too much bulk and weight.  The Ozaki slim case retained the slim profile of the iPhone 5 and made it look like the phone has no case at all.  However, it was not too practical since a single drop would have easily dented the phone. That’s how slim the Ozaki case is.

I looked for a new iPhone 5 case and I stumbled upon one that carries the brand Muvit.  I didn’t know the brand but the case looked legit and it had a nice design and an even nicer finish. Turns out Muvit is an international brand with quite a number of accessories in its product line-up.  There were a lot of Muvit cases to choose from but I picked up the Muvit iGum.


The iGum is a back case and as such, it mainly covers the back of the iPhone 5.  Back cases share a common design actually and from my observation, it’s one that’s used by a lot of iPhone owners. The iGum covers the back and the sides of the iPhone but it’s open on top, at the bottom and on the left side where the volume and mute buttons are.  At the back, the hole for the camera lens and flash is attractively designed.


What I like about the Muvit iGum is its matte, rubbery finish.  It’s nice to hold and although it’s a bit smooth, it’s not glossy-smooth so it doesn’t easily slip from your hand. The iGum is also thick enough to provide sufficient protection from drops, expect of course in areas that are open. I dropped my iPhone once and so far, the iGum saved it from getting dented or scratched.


The colors available for the Muvit iGum are also fun and edgy.  I chose the blue one which honestly looks similar to the cyan color used on the Nokia Lumia.  I liked the Lumia on this color so using the blue iGum is like owning a cyan-colored iPhone 5.

Overall, the Muvit iGum is a good-looking iPhone 5 case which offers just enough protection.  It’s slim, it’s well built and has a nice finish, not to mention the color options are edgy.  There are two things I don’t like about the iGum, though — it gathers dirt easily and the surface of the phone is not protected.  If you can see past these, the iGum is a good option if you’re looking for a back case.  It sells for P990.

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