Sony to Unveil the Next PlayStation on February 20

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Sony has a New York event on February 20 and it has something to do with the PlayStation.  The invite only mentions that Sony “will deliver and speak about the future PlayStation business” but many tech authorities believe the company will be unveiling the PlayStation 4 or whatever the next PlayStation console will be called.  There are some rumors that say it will be called the Orbis but this is of course just a rumor at this point. Sony’s schedule is said to pre-empt Microsoft’s Xbox 360 announcement, a move that will put focus on the PlayStation before Microsoft can present its new console.  Microsoft is expected to announce the next Xbox in June at the E3 videogame conference.


As to specs, rumors say that the PlayStation 4 will pack an AMD x64 CPU and 28nm AMD Southern Islands graphics power.  There’s another rumor that says that the developer kits issued by Sony had an AMD A10 APU, about 8GB to 16GB of RAM, 256GB of internal storage and a Blu-ray drive.  The release date is said to be scheduled in Decemeber 2013, so it’s going tobe a long wait for those of you who are excited to buy the next PlayStation.

With the popularity of mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets, it’s a real challenge for console makers like Sony, NIntendo and Microsoft to spark interest to console gaming.  The Wii U is already out in the market and sales are said to be weaker than expected.  It’s not surprising that these consoles are now marketed as entertainment hubs that are capable of handling TV, movies and music.

Here’s the video teaser for Sony’s PlayStation event.

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  1. Rumored Price Was almost $400. Some says it will change it’s name. Can’t Compare it to Ps3

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