Rapoo 3920P 5G Mouse Review

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Rapoo is a brand that started in China and has just recently formally entered the Philippine market to distribute computer peripherals and audio products. I had the chance to review one Rapoo product in the past.  It was the Rapoo H6060 Bluetooth Stereo Headset which I gave a positive review with an 8.3/10 rating.  I loved its design and found its performance quite good for the price.

This time I’m writing about the Rapoo 3920P 5G wireless mouse.  It’s a small mouse that’s perfect for most Filipino hands but if you’re an exception and has a huge hand, this mouse may not be for you.  For most users, however, you’ll find the Rapoo 3920P 5G mouse to be one of the most comfortable and most natural wireless mice to use.

Rapoo 3920P 5G – Design and Features

Let me get this out of the way.  The Rapoo 3920P 5G is currently my favorite wireless mouse. I use it as my main mouse so I’m using it even at home, although it is really an ideal mobile companion for those who travel a lot.  What I love most about the Rapoo 3920P 5G is how perfectly it fits my hand.  I found it to be small at first but in time I only noticed the comfort, not the size of the mouse.  The mouse is ambidextrous but any type of user will find it comfortable to use.  The mouse has just the right amount of heft — it’s not too heavy, it’s not too light.  It has a bit of heft that I like in a mouse.


The exterior of the mouse is a two-tone affair.  The surface where the palm rests and the entire bottom of the mouse have a glossy grey finish while the sides are matte and rubbery.    The middle of the top part hosts the scroll wheel below which is the DPI toggle.  The scroll wheel also acts as a tilt wheel.  To the left of the mouse and right where the thumb would rest, are the forward/next and back/previous buttons.


At the bottom of the mouse are three gliding strips, the sensor, and the on/off switch.  Removing the battery cover shows a storage slot for the wireless transmitter.  The overall build is really good.  It feels compact and well-constructed and it looks and feels premium.


The Rapoo 3920P 5G is a feature-packed mouse.   It has the afore-mentioned DPI control button which toggles between two preset settings, namely, 1650dpi and 880dpi.  It’s scroll wheel is also a tilt wheel and it has dedicated buttons for forward and back functions. The mouse uses 5GHz wireless band instead of the usual 1.4GHz which means that there will be less signal interference so the mouse and the nano receiver stays connected all the time. It also extends the range between the two so the mouse can be brought far from the nano receiver.  You don’t have to worry much about battery life as Rapoo promised a 12-month battery life.  You’ll also be able to use the mouse on just one battery instead of the usual two.

Rapoo 3920P 5G – Performance

The Rapoo 3920P 5G performs really well.  It is comfortable to use, albeit some might find it smaller than the normal size.  I had no problem in terms of comfort and ease of use.  I found it easy to carry around so it doesn’t leave my laptop bag.  The left and right click areas have a nice tactile feedback and the scroll wheel feels very responsive.  As to accuracy, the SurFree laser technology makes the mouse usable even in smooth surfaces.


I found the Rapoo 3920P 5G to have a good range and connection never became an issue.  I cannot prove at this point if the battery would last for 12 months but I really hope Rapoo’s estimate is right.

Rapoo 3920P 5G – Wrap-up

The Rapoo 3920P 5G wireless mouse offers a good set of features that you don’t usually find in other wireless mice.  It has a good design and it proved to be comfortable and easy to use.   For users who are mobile, this is certainly a good option.  The brand is fairly new but it doesn’t mean it’s not good.

The Rapoo 3920P 5G is priced at P1,910.

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