Video Sharing App Vine now on Android

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The video-sharing app Vine is now on Android.  It launched on iOS months ago and now it can be downloaded for free by Android users from the Google Play store.

Vine is owned by Twitter and while the latter mainly handles text updates, Vine handles 6-second videos.  That may not sound much to some but millions have already downloaded the app and it’s getting more popular by the minute.  Twitter wants to achieve with video what Instagram achieved with photos.   With Vine, you can upload as many videos as you like and you can share them on Twitter.  Facebook sharing is still currently not available.  Just like in Twitter, Vine users can find, follow, and interact with other Vine users.  It also has trending posts, featured hashtags and editor’s picks.


The 6-second limitation is too short but Vine encourages users to be creative.  I’d say the app wants to limit server load since longer videos require bigger server capacities.  In time, perhaps, the 6-second limit could be increased to something longer.  To use Vine, you don’t need to have a Twitter account but you can use it as a standalone app.

The Vine app comes in at 18MB and is only compatible with Android devices running 4.0 or higher.  The Android version of the app has a new zoom feature which is not available on the iOS version at this point.

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