Smart’s “Free to Tweet Promo” Offers Free Twitter Access Until July 31

Smart subscribers can now access Twitter on their mobile devices for free until July 31.  Smart Communications is currently running a “Free to Tweet Promo” to all subscribers, both prepaid and postpaid.  As long as you are a Smart subscriber and you are using a phone with internet capability, you can avail of Smart’s promo.

In order to avail of the free Twitter access, users only need to type on their mobile browser URL.  They will then use all features of Twitter like sending status updates, uploading photos, checking feeds, following other Twitter users, re-tweeting and sending direct messages.  That’s practically everything you can do on Twitter.


As long as you stay on twitter, your internet access is free.  That means that if you click on a link that leads to a website outside of twitter, you will incur charges.  The good thing is that Smart will prompt the user when he is about to get charged.  A paywall will appear when users click on outbound links, warning them upon leaving the free Twitter zone.  Smart suggests that users set their home page to in order to ensure that no charges will apply upon start of browsing.

To use Twitter on your mobile device for free, you need to turn your data connectivity on. That means if you have apps that run on the background access the internet, you will be charged for the access.  You therefore need to make sure that no apps are running in the background.

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