iOS 7 Hands-On Preview (Video)

Apple recently released iOS 7 OS and if you are online a lot, chances are you have already seen photos of and screenshots of the new OS.  It is a fresh new take on a rather aging OS design that has remained stagnant for years and has become boring to some users.  Apple has apparently been listening to its fans and the new OS is indeed fresh, at least when compared to iOS 6 and previous versions of the OS.  I cannot say it is fresh in the sense that there are innovations in the purest sense of the word since a lot of new features are copied from Android, Windows Phone, webOS, and to a certain extent, BlackBerry. But overall, it appears like the OS is something different.  As an iPhone 5 user, I admit the new iOS has gotten me excited.

If you’re an iOS device user, you have probably gotten used to shiny icons and textures on your device.  Apple has started with a design philosophy that at the time of its launch, looked modern and exciting.  Things have changed and Apple has apparently liked the flat and plain design elements on Windows Phone.  The new iOS 7 features flat icons and cleaner lines and even used a new font just to get that smooth and plain appeal.  Apple redesigned the icons and they now look different.  The color choices are rather bold and bright and I’m sure the public’s opinion will be divided on this.


The new iOS 7 has finally gotten a lot of things right, and lacks a few that others still want.  It has fixed the Notification Center, it has added a new Control Panel for quick settings changes, it has added a new multi-tasking feature, and it has added a back gesture that’s useful on so many situations.  What it doesn’t have until now is widgets, a feature that Android users just love.  In any case, iOS7 is still a welcome update and for Apple fans, it’s been long overdue.  Essentially, Apple is playing catch up to other operating systems but it’s still nice for Apple to radically update the iOS.


The new iOS7 will not be available until fall but it is now available to developers.  PocketNow has posted a hands-on preview of the new OS and here it is for your viewing pleasure.  It covers most of the features of iOS 7.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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